About Us

The idea to create gin from local, tropical botanicals came about in 2017. For us three women, life was throwing some serious curve balls – health issues, caring for elderly parents, business and work problems – so we’d get together to support one another and put the world to rights! We didn’t like feeling sorry for ourselves, we needed to do something fun to forget all the serious stuff going on around us.

So, we decided that we’d make gin! Yes, we’d had a couple of drinks when we came up with the idea! We knew it was a crazy idea but one that really grabbed us. We each went off to do some research and got back together a week or so later with a rudimentary recipe and set about testing our ideas and making a bathtub gin. Imagine how surprised we were when we realised that it actually wasn’t bad – it wasn’t great yet but truly not bad at all.

Over the next few months, we adjusted and refined the botanicals and quantities – which involved tasting a LOT of gins, all in the name of research – and also learned how to distill until we arrived at our two signature products – hibiscus and lemongrass gins. These gins are not flavoured or coloured in any way as you see with many gins on the high street shelves but are true dry gins with the principal botanicals being hibiscus and lemongrass.

During this time, we had the best business meetings, mostly involving sampling the product. We got friends, family and complete strangers to taste the gins, and the feedback was good.

What started as a hobby had morphed into a small artisan business. We prepare our botanicals, distill the gin, bottle and label all by hand. Our gins are served at Sugar Beach, Jade Mountain and Anse Chastanet, Carnival Luxury and Boardwalk Bar, and bottles are available to purchase at Marketplace at IGY Rodney Bay Marina.

The whole journey for us has been joyous and rewarding, and we hope you enjoy our gin!

Fortunately there is gin, the sole glimmer in this darkness. Do you feel the golden, copper-coloured light it kindles in you? Albert Camus

Rencontrer les Trois Femmes!Meet The Team


In-between caring for her family Maxine, with the help of her husband , also distills and bottles the TF gin. Maxine collects and processes many of the TF gin botanicals from her garden, making sure she leaves enough hibiscus flowers behind to share with the hummingbirds!


Being a life-long gin enthusiast Michele is excited to now be a gin distiller and producer. A wedding planner by trade, Michele and her husband Duncan distill and bottle our gin mostly in their spare time, and of course test every batch for flavour and consistency!


One of the original founding members of Trois Femmes Gin, Camilla left Saint Lucia to take up a full-time position in Antigua, leaving Maxine and Michele to carry the torch. TF gin would not be the same without Camilla’s early support, and we thank her for all her input!